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Tomcat 8.0.42 with AJP, based on Oracle JDK 8, no bundled webapps
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This is a Tomcat 8.0.42 container with AJP. It is based on Ubuntu 14.04 and utilises our Oracle JDK 8 base image.
AJP is available, but disabled by default. To enable it, specify the JVM Route to use, as per the example below.
Launch this container from docker-compose:

    image: rpowered/tomcat8
    network_mode: "bridge"
      - "TOMCAT_JVM_ROUTE=tomcat1"
      - /opt/webapps:/opt/tomcat/webapps
      - "8080"

This allows your web application to be stored on your host in eg /opt/webapps.
Tomcat will be launched automatically with a minimum of 1GB RAM, and up to 8GB RAM. Alter environment variables JAVA_MIN_MEM and JAVA_MAX_MEM for greater control. TOMCAT_MAX_THREADS is set to 400, but this too can be altered as appropriate.
Any available .WAR files found in your /opt/webapps directory will be expanded by default.
It is recommended that you utilise subfolders under /opt/webapps for version control.

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