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Docker image of Hugo static site generator with latest asciidoctor and curl
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debian:jessie - docker pull rraghur/hugo-asciidoctor
alpine - docker pull rraghur/hugo-asciidoctor:alpine

Includes hugo, git, curl and asciidoctor

Running locally:
docker run -v /path/to/your/blog:/usr/share/blog -p1313:1313 --rm rraghur/hugo-asciidoctor

Windows: If you're using DockerToolbox/ & boot2docker.iso then your c:\Users is mounted as /c/User. Also you need to find out the IP of your docker host using
docker-machine ip

Then using that:

docker run -v /c/User/<username>/path/to/blog:/usr/share/blog -p1313:1313 -e HUGO_BASE_URL= --rm rraghur/hugo-asciidoctor

Docker Pull Command