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version of Travix-International/docker-gocd-server. allows to add 'go' account to ACL for /etc/hosts
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Go.CD continuous delivery server


To run this docker container use the following command

docker run -d \
    -p 8153:8153 \
    -p 8154:8154 \

Environment variables

In order to configure the server with other than default settings you can pass in the following environment variables

Name Description Default value
AGENT_KEY The secret key to set on the server for auto-registration of agents
SERVER_MEM The -Xms value for the java vm 512m
SERVER_MAX_MEM The -Xmx value for the java vm 1024m
SERVER_MIN_PERM_GEN The -XX:PermSize value for the java vm 128m
SERVER_MAX_PERM_GEN The -XX:MaxPermSize value for the java vm 256m

For setting up autoregistration for agents pass in the AGENT_KEY environment variable with a secret value

docker run -d \
    -p 8153:8153 \
    -p 8154:8154 \
    -e "AGENT_KEY=388b633a88de126531afa41eff9aa69e" \

Mounting volumes

In order to keep important data persisted over a restart and use ssh keys from the host machine you can mount the following directories

Directory Description Importance
/var/lib/go-server/artifacts The build and test artifacts are stored here Although you can recreate artifacts by re-running pipelines, this is very time-consuming, so better to persist
/var/lib/go-server/db/h2db The file-based database is stored here; make sure it's mapped to a fast drive Absolutely keep this backed up!
/var/lib/go-server/plugins/external Any plugins from you want to run Can be downloaded from
/var/lib/go-server/pipelines/flyweight Version control repositories are checked out here to scan for changes; sees a lot of i/o Is checked out automatically, but costs quite some time
/etc/go The configuration of all pipelines, templates, environments and agents Keep this backed up!
/var/log/go-server All output logs go here, but there also written to standard out in the container Preferably collect logs from standard out
/var/go/.ssh The ssh keys to connect to version control systems like github and bitbucket As it's better not to embed these keys in the container you likely need to mount this

Start the container like this to mount the volumes

docker run -d \
    -p 8153:8153 \
    -p 8154:8154 \
    -e "AGENT_KEY=388b633a88de126531afa41eff9aa69e" \
    -v /mnt/persistent-disk/gocd-server/artifacts:/var/lib/go-server/artifacts \
    -v /mnt/persistent-disk/gocd-server/db:/var/lib/go-server/db/h2db \
    -v /mnt/persistent-disk/gocd-server/plugins:/var/lib/go-server/plugins/external \
    -v /mnt/persistent-disk/gocd-server/flyweight:/var/lib/go-server/pipelines/flyweight \
    -v /mnt/persistent-disk/gocd-server/config:/etc/go \
    -v /mnt/persistent-disk/gocd-server/logs:/var/log/go-server \
    -v /mnt/persistent-disk/gocd-server/ssh:/var/go/.ssh \

To make sure the process in the container can read and write to those directories create a user and group with same gid and uid on the host machine

groupadd -r -g 999 go
useradd -r -g go -u 999 go

And then change the owner of the host directories

chown -R go:go /mnt/persistent-disk/gocd-server/artifacts
chown -R go:go /mnt/persistent-disk/gocd-server/db
chown -R go:go /mnt/persistent-disk/gocd-server/plugins
chown -R go:go /mnt/persistent-disk/gocd-server/flyweight
chown -R go:go /mnt/persistent-disk/gocd-server/config
chown -R go:go /mnt/persistent-disk/gocd-server/logs
chown -R go:go /mnt/persistent-disk/gocd-server/ssh

Port offloading

Running gocd server on port 80 and 443 causes the agent to fail connecting to the server, see So for serving gocd server on port 80 and 443 it's best to use a proxy in front of it, see

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