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Microservice for building titans.


Getting Started

  1. yarn install
  2. docker-compose up.
  3. curl localhost:3000 to see it up and running.
  4. Change code.

The root directory is mounted into the container and nodemon is running. So any changes to the code or packages installed are auto-loaded and reflected in the container. The docker-compose.yml can be extended to link to other containers, if needed.


  • yarn pretty to format your code.
  • yarn lint to lint your code.
  • yarn jest to perform the jest tests.
  • yarn flow to check for type errors.
  • yarn test to check for lint, type, and test errors.


In development mode, localhost:5858 is exposed for remote Node.js debugging.


Run docker-compose -f docker-compose.test.yml up to test things locally in the container or use this in a Docker Cloud Autobuild or extend the compose file to include other services and run integration tests.

Or, if the container can stand alone, build the container and run the container passing in the NODE_ENV=test environment variable, before deploying your container somewhere or running end-to-end tests.

  • docker build -t dockerized-node .
  • docker run -e NODE_ENV=test dockerized-node


The included Dockerfile to meant to be production friendly. The NODE_ENV environment variable is set to production and the user has been changed from root.

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