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Alfresco Community with MySQL, LDAP & Rancher support
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Alfresco is a leading Enterprise Content Management system which provides document management, collaboration, web content services and records and knowledge management.

This image aims to help you run the latest version of the Alfresco Community Edition in a Docker container.

Quick Start

Run the alfresco image:

docker run --name='alfresco' -it --rm -p 8080:8080 rsippl/alfresco

NOTE: Please allow a few minutes for the application to start, especially if
populating the database for the first time. If you want to make sure that everything went fine, watch the log:

docker exec -it alfresco /bin/bash
tail -f /alfresco/tomcat/logs/catalina.out

Go to http://localhost:8080/share or point to the IP of your docker host. On
Mac or Windows, replace localhost with the IP address of your Docker host which you can get using

docker-machine ip default

The default username and password are:

  • username: admin
  • password: admin



If you use this image in production, you'll probably want to store files and database separately in an external location. Use the CONTENT_STORE environment variable to set the content store to a bind-mounted volume or a network share.


If DB_KIND is postgresql and the DB_HOST environment variable is not set (or localhost),
then the internal PostgreSQL server will be started and used.

By setting DB_KIND to mysql, you can use an external MySQL server, e.g. one running in a Docker container:

docker run --name 'mysql' -d -p 3306:3306 \
    -e MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=secret \
    -e MYSQL_DATABASE=alfresco \
    -e MYSQL_USER=alfresco \
    -e MYSQL_PASSWORD=secret \
    mysql \
    --character-set-server=utf8 \
    --collation-server=utf8_general_ci \

Configure the Alfresco container to use this MySQL server as database and a bind-mounted volume as content store:

docker run --name='alfresco' -d -p 8080:8080 \
    -v /mnt/alfresco_content_store:/mnt/content_store \
    -e CONTENT_STORE=/mnt/content_store \
    -e DB_KIND=mysql \
    -e DB_HOST=mysql \
    -e DB_PASSWORD=secret \
    --link mysql:mysql \


Below is the complete list of currently available parameters that can be set
using environment variables.

  • ALFRESCO_HOSTNAME: hostname of the Alfresco server; default = localhost
  • SHARE_HOSTNAME: hostname of the share server; default = localhost
  • CONTENT_STORE: location of content store; default = ${dir.root} (/alfresco/alf_data)
  • DB_KIND: postgresql or mysql; default = postgresql
  • DB_USERNAME: username to use when connecting to the database; default = alfresco
  • DB_PASSWORD: password to use when connecting to the database; default = admin
  • DB_NAME: name of the database to connect to; default = alfresco
  • DB_HOST: host of the database server; default = localhost
  • DB_CONN_PARAMS: database connection parameters; for MySQL, default = ?useSSL=false, otherwise empty
  • FTP_PORT: port of the FTP server; default = 5432
  • CIFS_ENABLED: whether or not to enable CIFS; default = true
  • CIFS_SERVER_NAME: hostname of the CIFS server; default = localhost
  • CIFS_DOMAIN: domain of the CIFS server; default = WORKGROUP
  • NFS_ENABLED: whether or not to enable NFS; default = false
  • LDAP_ENABLED: whether or not to enable LDAP; default = false
  • LDAP_KIND: ldap (e.g. for OpenLDAP) or ldap-ad (Active Directory); default = ldap
  • LDAP_AUTH_USERNAMEFORMAT: default = uid=%s,cn=users,cn=accounts,dc=example,dc=com
  • LDAP_URL: URL of LDAP server; default = ldap://
  • LDAP_DEFAULT_ADMINS: comma separated list of admin names in ldap; default = admin
  • LDAP_SECURITY_PRINCIPAL: default = uid=admin,cn=users,cn=accounts,dc=example,dc=com
  • LDAP_SECURITY_CREDENTIALS: default = password
  • LDAP_GROUP_SEARCHBASE: default = cn=groups,cn=accounts,dc=example,dc=com
  • LDAP_USER_SEARCHBASE: default = cn=users,cn=accounts,dc=example,dc=com
  • AMP_DIR_ALFRESCO: directory containing AMP files (modules) for alfresco.war (bind mount as volume)
  • AMP_DIR_SHARE: directory containing AMP files (modules) for share.war (bind mount as volume)
  • RANCHER_SUPPORT: if set to true, add support for Rancher (auto discovery via Rancher metadata)

Build from Source

The source code is available at

Make sure your Docker host has more than 2 GB RAM available. Docker Hub uses 2 GB for automated builds which is not enough, the Alfresco installer will complain and fail. The Docker Toolbox VM also uses 2 GB by default, use VirtualBox to change it to at least 4GB.

git clone
cd docker-alfresco
docker build --tag="$USER/alfresco" .


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