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Runs Minecraft Server with Raspberry Jam Mod installed.
Full Description

Raspberry Jam Mod


Raspberry Jam Mod is a Minecraft mod implementing most of Raspberry Juice/Pi API (read more).

This image should make it easy to run your own Minecraft server with Raspberry Jam Mod installed. You can use it to teach children programming with e.g. C# with the Decent .NET Minecraft Client.

I wrote an article in my blog about this Docker image, too.

Running in Microsoft Azure

You can run containers from this image locally (I use Docker for Windows to run it on Windows) or on your own Docker host.

If you don't have Docker available, you can run the container in Microsoft Azure. To make deploying as easy as possible, I created an ARM Template for that. Just click Deploy to Azure, wait some minutes and you are done.


Step 1

Pull the latest image:

docker pull rstropek/raspberryjammoddocker:latest

Step 2

Run the Minecraft Server with Raspberry Jam Mod:

docker run -it --rm -p 25565:25565 -p 4711:4711 \
    --name raspjam rstropek/raspberryjammoddocker:latest

Note that this docker run command opens ports 25565 (for connecting via Minecraft client) and 4711 (for connecting with C#).

Step 3

Write a .NET Core program using the .NET Minecraft Client. You can find a small sample in the GitHub repository associated with this Docker image.

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