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Short Description
a rsyslog based logging appliance with minimal footprint, ready to run
Full Description

A docker container created by the rsyslog team, based on Alpine Linux.

  • current rsyslog with all features (e.g. relp, omelasticsearch)
  • ready-to-run config
  • easy to adapt to special requirements

Note: currently this is in BETA state - we are actively looking for feedback. Rsyslog components are currently from the git master branch (rolling release devel version).
Feedback is appreciated, please send it to

Getting started

  • docker run rsyslog/syslog_appliance_alpine help (provides basic info)
  • docker run rsyslog/syslog_appliance_alpine (actually runs rsyslog)
    You need to mount volumes and publish ports to actually make rsyslog work decently. See help for more details.

Supported Tags

  • latest - as usual, latest build of the appliance
  • previous - previous build of the appliance (as a fallback if latest does not work)

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