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Simple utility for certain repetitive cleanup tasks when using Docker
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This is, currently, a very simple tool to help with some of the tasks I find I often want to do while using Docker, specifically in a development context.

At present, it's just two commands:

  • docker-util cleanup-images — removes untagged images; approximately equivalent to:

      $ docker images | grep '<none>' | awk '{ print $1 }' | xargs docker rmi
  • docker-util cleanup-containers — removes all non-running containers based on images without tags. Mostly useful because the cleanup-images command will fail to remove images for which there is a container based on the image in question. Usually, I'll run this first, followed by cleanup-images.

These two operations are something I find myself doing a lot, while iterating through developing a Dockerfile or other Docker workflow.


go get

Or, if you don't have a Golang development env set up, you could run it in Docker. This is built as a Trusted Build on the Docker Hub, so just do this:

docker run -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock rtlong/docker-util <command>
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