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Go lang cross-compile build env image with mitchellh/gox
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docker image rtlong/gox

This is a simple docker image meant to make it easy to build cross-compiled
binaries for Go projects despite not having a Go development environment
installed. Based on google/golang


This provides a ready-to-go gox build env based on Go 1.3. To use, you must
either have go get-able code on some remote repository or have a local copy of
the code you wish to build (which is mountable into a Docker container).

Either way, the first runtime argument is the go get-style, namespaced name of
your project.

# the rest of the examples assume this is set, but this is just for illustration:

If you do have a local copy,

you need to mount it inside the container in the
appropriate directory within the $GOPATH at /gopath. For example, if you
want to build and have a local clone of that

$ docker run -v /local/path:/gopath/src/$PROJECT rtlong/gox $PROJECT

As is the default with gox, the compiled binaries will be saved in the
project directory, which in this case was mounted in the container from your
local system, so you should now see binaries at /local/path/docker-util_*.

Without a local clone, you can just run this:

$ docker run rtlong/gox $PROJECT

Now, the binaries are in the same place in the container filesystem, so to pull
one of them out, use docker cp:

$ docker cp $(docker run -l -q):/gopath/src/${PROJECT}/docker-util_darwin_amd64 ./

Specifying gox options

Any additional arguments after the first will be sent directly to gox, so
you can control which targets to compile like so:

$ docker run rtlong/gox $PROJECT -osarch='darwin/amd64 linux/amd64'
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