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Contains all prerequisites for being able to build and run ORE except the code
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This image contains the building/running environment for ORE but not the code. This image therefore needs to be run with the "-v" flag, which mounts a data volume. If ORE is installed on the local directory: "C:\users\johh\ORE" then the image should be ran as follows:
docker run -it -v c:/users/john/ORE:/Container_Folder ruanrichter/ore_environment

This will mount the local directory "C:\users\johh\ORE" as a data volume, and will be accessible form within the container under in the "/Container_Folder" folder.

This can then be built, edited and rebuilt from within the container. The examples can also be ran. The output .pdf files will not be able to be opened from inside the container. This is another reason for data volume.

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