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Rendera is a painting program suitable for photo-retouching and making seamless
textures. Originally for Windows, it has been rewritten from scratch using
C++/FLTK. Please see the Wiki for a list of features, and the credits file for a
list of contributors and contact info.

Should work on any platform supporting FLTK, (with a possible performance
penalty if Xlib is not available). Eventually we should have optimized versions
for Win/Mac, but we aren't quite there yet.

Build it from source

$ git clone

$ cd rendera

$ autoreconf -vfi

$ ./configure

$ make

You can also, optionally, run

$ make check

to run some unit tests. Note that Rendera supports the usual make targets,
including but not limited to

$ make dist

$ make distcheck



  • FLTK 1.3
  • libjpeg
  • libpng
  • libz


Rendera is built with gcc-4.6. While clang-3.4 usually works, it's
not "officially" supported. If you're building from source, you also need

  • autoconf-2.68
  • automake-1.11
  • libtool-2.4.2

Rendera is developed on Ubuntu, so there are probably some additional, implicit
dependencies on the Linux system. Darwin and Cygwin might work, but your mileage
may vary.

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