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elFinder web file manager
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Docker Container for elFinder

This container contains


The container listens on port 80 for connections and serves the
'/data' directory

sudo docker run -it --rm -p 8080:80 -v `pwd`:/data ruediste/elfinder

The default configuration can be overridden by replacing the file /config/connector.php

sudo docker run -it --rm -p 8080:80 -v `pwd`:/data -v connector.php:/config/connector.php ruediste/elfinder

Default configuration:


error_reporting(0); // Set E_ALL for debuging
require './autoload.php';
// Documentation for connector options:
$opts = array(
  // 'debug' => true,
  'roots' => array(
    // Items volume
      'driver'        => 'LocalFileSystem',           // driver for accessing file system (REQUIRED)
      'path'          => '/data/',                 // path to files (REQUIRED)
      'URL'           => dirname($_SERVER['PHP_SELF']) . '/../files/', // URL to files (REQUIRED)
      'trashHash'     => 't1_Lw',                     // elFinder's hash of trash folder
      //'uploadDeny'    => array('all'),                // All Mimetypes not allowed to upload
      //'uploadAllow'   => array('image', 'text/plain'),// Mimetype `image` and `text/plain` allowed to upload
      'uploadAllow'   => array('all'),  // allow upload everything
      'uploadOrder'   => array('deny', 'allow'),      // allowed Mimetype `image` and `text/plain` only

    // Trash volume
      'id'            => '1',
      'driver'        => 'Trash',
      'path'          => '/data/.trash/',
      'tmbURL'        => dirname($_SERVER['PHP_SELF']) . '/data/.trash/.tmb/',
      //'uploadDeny'    => array('all'),                // Recomend the same settings as the original volume that uses the trash
      'uploadAllow'   => array('all'),// Same as above
      'uploadOrder'   => array('deny', 'allow'),      // Same as above

// run elFinder
(new elFinderConnector(new elFinder($opts))) -> run();
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