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Nginx reverse proxy for the Theremins app
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Play the theremin with random strangers from the interet.


This repo proviedes sources for two binaries, an HTTP server and a
web-socket server. To compile the HTTP server do:

git clone
cd theremins/http
cargo build --release

To compile the web-socket server simply swap line 2 above with:

cd theremins/ws


Run the executibles are located in target/release/. For example to
run the web socket server on port 8001

./theremins/ws/target/release/theremins-ws-server --port 8001

For the HTTP server you have to specify where your web sockets server
lives, so you need, for example:

./theremins/ws/target/release/theremins-http-server \
    --port 8000 \
    --ws-url ws://localhost:8001

Have fun.

Note. Currently IE does not support web audio. But if you are using
IE10+ you should be able to play your theremin, but only people using
more modern browsers can hear it.

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