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Docker image for the twitter bot
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This is a small toy project for a Twitter bot
that uses the tweepy library
to interact with twitter.

I'm a fan of welcome to nightvale,
where there is a dogpark that is only used by hooded figures.
The hooded figures do not want people mentioning the dogpark - or thinking of it.
They especially do not want dogs in the dogpark.

This bot aids this strive for dogpark related content by reminding
other twitter users that they should be careful around the subject.
To do so it mentions them with a random selection from a set of predefined messages.

Local setup

If you want to get a local copy of this bot working
feel free to follow these steps:

  1. Install REQUIREMENTS via pip so that your python setup
    has the required libraries.
  2. Use to create a new app.
  3. Use a command like
    env CONSUMER_KEY=… \
    to start the bot while passing the CONSUMER_KEY and CONSUMER_SECRET
    of your app to it so that it can help you with the Oauth dance for a user.
    • If ACCESS_TOKEN and ACCESS_TOKEN_SECRET are not provided the bot
      will print a URL to stdout.
    • Visit this URL with a browser logged in as the user you want to authenticate.
    • Take the resulting code to the bot and enter it via stdin.
    • The bot will print the ACCESS_TOKEN and ACCESS_TOKEN_SECRET values to use.
  4. After having an authenticated user, use a command like:
    env CONSUMER_KEY=… \
        ACCESS_TOKEN=… \
    to start the bot so that it performs its intended task.

Docker setup

The bot is also available as a docker container named runjak/hoodedfigure.
This image is an automatic build where runjak/hoodedfigure:latest
follows the master branch.
You can use the image with a command like this:

docker run \
    -e CONSUMER_KEY=… \
    -e ACCESS_TOKEN=… \
    -it runjak/hoodedfigure:latest
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