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Docker In Docker
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Docker In Docker

  • How to use?

    root@ruo91:~# docker run -d --name="dind" -h "dind" -v /dev:/dev ruo91/dind
    root@ruo91:~# docker exec dind docker pull centos:centos7
    centos7: Pulling from centos
    6941bfcbbfca: Pulling fs layer
    41459f052977: Pulling fs layer
    fd44297e2ddb: Pulling fs layer
    fd44297e2ddb: Pulling fs layer
    fd44297e2ddb: Layer already being pulled by another client. Waiting.
    fd44297e2ddb: Verifying Checksum
    fd44297e2ddb: Download complete
    fd44297e2ddb: Download complete
    6941bfcbbfca: Verifying Checksum
    6941bfcbbfca: Download complete
    6941bfcbbfca: Pull complete
    41459f052977: Verifying Checksum
    41459f052977: Download complete
    41459f052977: Pull complete
    fd44297e2ddb: Pull complete
    fd44297e2ddb: Already exists
    centos:centos7: The image you are pulling has been verified. Important: image verification is a tech preview feature and should not be relied on to provide security.
    Digest: sha256:4e0dd3018581da81a149a9291197f4668b2f4cc3de74878c069576db0344be9a
    Status: Downloaded newer image for centos:centos7
  • Run container
    ssh password: dind

    root@ruo91:~# ssh `docker inspect -f '{{ .NetworkSettings.IPAddress }}' dind`
    root@dind:~# docker run -it centos:centos7 /bin/bash
    [root@0af4ae1dca49 /]# cat /etc/redhat-release
    CentOS Linux release 7.1.1503 (Core)

    Thanks :)

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