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The image contains React, Relay, GraphQL application with Express and MongoDB back-end
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For deployment of this project do the following steps:

$ npm install

$ docker-machine create react-local --driver=virtualbox

You'll be able to find the machine running

$ docker-machine ls

Set the variable in your environment

$ eval $(docker-machine env react-local)

Run the following in the machine environment

$ docker-machine ssh react-local

$ sudo mkdir -p /data

Use the path mounted
for OSX /User/< username >/< path to the project >

$ sudo ln -s /User/< username >/< path to the project >/ /data/react-local

$ exit

Now it's time to create images and containers

$ docker-compose -f development.yml up -d

Check the IP assigned to your machine

$ docker-machine ip react-local

and make sure it runs

$ curl -i <ip>:8080

Since nodemon is watching for code changes and the Express app should be already started
check logs to make sure

$ docker ps

$ docker logs <CONTAINER_ID_OF localenv_react-local-api>

Run the following command to build the JS file included in the main index.html file
the -d key will create map for the app in order to debug the app effectively from browser console

$ node_modules/webpack/bin/webpack.js -d


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