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The Cloud Explorer Amazon S3 Client Docker Container
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This is a Docker container that provides the Cloud Explorer Amazon S3 client. Users can use the Cloud Explorer CLI in interactive mode or access the GUI with VNC.

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First, we need a config

To get started, you will need to create a S3 config file that contains the account credentials. There are a few ways to do this.

  • By adding an account in the GUI from your local machine. The config file will be saved as s3.config in your home directory. Add that file to /root in the Docker image so you can use Cloud Explorer.

  • Create /root/s3.config manually in the container. The format for the file is:

  • If using the CLI in interactive mode, you can specify environment variables: (ACCESS_KEY, SECRET_KEY, ENDPOINT, and REGION)

    docker run -it --net=host -e ACCESS_KEY='****' -e SECRET_KEY='***' -e ENDPOINT='' -e REGION='default' rusher81572/cloudexplorer bash

Accessing the GUI with VNC

Here is how to run the container in the background using the IP address of the Docker host.

docker run -d --net=host rusher81572/cloudexplorer 

Now you can use a VNC client such as vncviewer to connect to display #1.

vncviewer docker_host_ip:1

The default password for VNC is 123456. You should see the Cloud Explorer GUI after authentication.

Cloud Explorer Features:

Performance testing
Music player
Transition buckets to Amazon Glacier
Amazon RRS
Migrate buckets between S3 accounts
Compress files prior to upload
Take screen shots to S3
Simple text editor
IRC client
Share buckets with users
Access shared buckets
View images
Sync folders
Graph CSV files and save them to a bucket
Record audio messages and save them to a bucket
Create snapshots of buckets

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