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Squid Proxy with SSL
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Squid3 image with support for SSL compiled in.

This image allows the creation of a local Squid Proxy server that can be used to cache both HTTP and HTTPS elements. It was primarily built to support this

Basic Usage

To just get Squid up and running with no SSL support just run the following:

docker run -d --name squid -p 3128:3128 russellseymour/squid3

Advanced Usage

You can pass in a configuration file to the image so that it will work how you need it to. The image can handle a configuration directory or a specific squid.conf file.

Additionally it is beneficial to mount a data directory so that the cache data is persisted between containers.

docker run -d --name squid -p 3128:3128 \
    -v ~/scratch/squid_proxy/data:/var/spool/squid \
    -v ~/scratch/squid_proxy/etc:/etc/squid \
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