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a base image for runtime running in ubuntu
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This repository contains Dockerfile of Node.js w/, Bower and Grunt runtime for Docker's automated build published to the public Docker Hub Registry.

This image is a base image for easily running application.

It can automatically bundle a application with its dependencies and set the default command with no additional Dockerfile instructions.

I wanted to thank, Google and Obviously, this image includes the package. Also, it is based on and inspired by dockerfile/nodejs-bower-grunt-runtime, which, according to its website, "heavily borrowed code from Google's google/nodejs-runtime Docker image." (Plus, this description copied a lot from dockerfile/nodejs-bower-grunt-runtime. What can I say? Both repos are just similar.)


  1. Get the image

    docker pull ruyi/meanio-runtime

  2. Create a Dockerfile in the root folder of your project with the following content

    FROM ruyi/meanio-runtime

  3. Build your container image by running the following command in your application directory:

    docker build -t="app" .

  4. Run the app image.

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