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SassC is a wrapper around libsass
Full Description

sassc - SassC is a wrapper around libsass

Docker container to install and run sassc

Installation / Usage

  1. Install the rvannauker/sassc container:
    docker pull rvannauker/sassc
  2. Run sassc through the sassc container:
    sudo docker run --rm --name="sassc" "rvannauker/sassc" {command}
  3. Optionally create a bash alias:
    alias sassc="docker run --interactive=true --rm=true rvannauker/sassc:<version>"

Download the source:

To run, test and develop the SassC Dockerfile itself, you must use the source directly:

  1. Download the source:
    git clone
  2. Build the container:
    sudo docker build --force-rm --tag "rvannauker/sassc" --file sassc.dockerfile .
  3. Test running the container:
    $ docker run rvannauker/sassc --help
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