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Unbuntu 14.04 with Apache Jena 2 command line tools installed
Full Description

This is a simple Docker image which uses unbuntu:14.04 as the base image and then adds the Apache Jena command line tools on top.

Example Usage

Jena tools may be found in /jena/VERSION/ where VERSION is the version of Jena installed which will normally correspond to the tag of the image. The image will have JENA_HOME set appropriately and the command line tools on your path so you can run the tools immediately e.g.

> docker run -t -i rvesse/jena2 /bin/bash
> riot --version
Jena:       VERSION: 2.13.0
Jena:       BUILD_DATE: 2015-03-08T09:49:20+0000
ARQ:        VERSION: 2.13.0
ARQ:        BUILD_DATE: 2015-03-08T09:49:20+0000
RIOT:       VERSION: 2.13.0
RIOT:       BUILD_DATE: 2015-03-08T09:49:20+0000
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