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An interactive script for working with padavan/rt-n56u
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Prometheus is an interactive script for customizing, compiling, and updating padavan/rt-n56u. You can use Prometheus to build and flash padavan/rt-n56u to any router given the proper config.

Docker pull

This will pull an image with padavan/rt-n56u, a built MIPSel toolchain, and Prometheus:

$ docker pull rwanyoike/rt-n56u-prometheus

To start a Prometheus container:

$ docker run -it rwanyoike/rt-n56u-prometheus

Manual build

First, build the docker-rt-n56u Docker image.

Clone and enter the repo:

$ git clone
$ cd docker-rt-n56u

Edit the latest/Dockerfile file to use our local rt-n56u:latest image:

$ sed -i '' 's#rwanyoike/rt-n56u#rt-n56u:latest#' latest/Dockerfile

Execute docker build:

$ cd latest
$ docker build -t rt-n56u-prometheus:latest .

The Dockerfile will download Prometheus and set it up.

When we list our Docker images on the host:

$ docker images

REPOSITORY          TAG                 IMAGE ID            CREATED             SIZE
rt-n56u-prometheus  latest              bfbd1ecc2aec        38 minutes ago      3.785 GB
rt-n56u             latest              12be11919d36        14 hours ago        3.703 GB
debian              jessie              ddf73f48a05d        2 weeks ago         123 MB

We'll have our image rt-n56u-prometheus:latest.

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