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Docker implementation of Cognitive Atlas with neo4j and django
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Django application and containers for Spark and Neo4j to serve the Cognitive Atlas and manage development.

Getting started

This project uses docker and docker-compose:

Docker:<br />
Docker Compose:

Docker file for neo4j taken from and modified to do some data imports.

Create default user

Add MAKE_DEFAULT_USER=True to the .env file in the root of the project. The user specificed in scripts/ will then be created on startup of the uwsgi container.

Old users

The import contianer looks for an environment variable named MYSQL_DUMP and uses its value as the sql dump file to import into mysql. This variable should be defined in .env. The users will be imported when the import container is started. It should be started with docker-compose using the docker-compose-import.yml config file.

Docker Pull Command
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