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Nginx Configuration

The nginx.conf and docker-compose.yml expects a couple of files to exist that
are not in the repo. A self signed signature will need to be generated, the
following command assumes you are in the project's base directory:

openssl req -x509 -nodes -newkey rsa:2048 -keyout .ssl/nginx.key -out .ssl/nginx.crt
openssl dhparam -out .ssl/dhparam.pem 2048

Password protection can be enabled by the following lines in the
nginx.conf in the location / section above the uwsgi_pass :

            auth_basic "";
            auth_basic_user_file /etc/nginx/.passwd;

An htpasswd file will need to be created in the projects root directory:

htpasswd -n a_user > ./.htpasswd

Docker Usage

env_example will need to be renamed to .env. The Postgres environment variables
are used both by the uwsgi and postgres container. The postgres container will
use them to initialize a database and user password, while the uwsgi container
uses them for authentication against the postgres server. It is recommended
that the postgres password and secret_key values be changed.

Once that is in place standard docker-compose commands can be used to build and
start the project:

$docker-compose build
$docker-compose up

There is no administrative user created by default so one will need to be

docker-compose run uwsgi python /app/ createsuperuser

Email settings

In env_example there are the 4 main email environment variables used by the
project. When these are set in .env they should not have quotation marks
around them. The only other additional settings that may need to be set are
either EMAIL_USE_SSL or EMAIL_USE_TLS. These are both set to false by default
and can be set to True in the Django settings file being used depending on the
configuration of the SMTP server being sent through.

Contact Form

The contact form relies on the MANAGERS setting in the Django settings file
being used. MANAGERS should be set equal to an array of tuples containing the
name and email address that contact form mail should be sent to:

    ("test name", ", 
    ("test name jr.", "
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