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Docker image for testing R packages on wercker, based on rocker/drd.
Includes R in the current release, and R-devel (accessible via RD and RDscript).

The Dockerfile contains machinery to install system and R dependencies via a simple configuration file. The R dependencies are installed for both R and R-devel.

Using this image

Create a file wercker.yml with the following contents:

box: rwercker/base
    - script:
        name: install
        code: if ! Rscript -e "devtools::install_deps()"; then fail "Install failed"; fi
    - script:
        name: check
        code: if ! Rscript -e "devtools::check()"; then fail "Check failed"; fi

Adapting this image

Fork this repository, and edit the PACKAGES file. It is a DCF file with the following sections, each section contains packages to be installed in one entry per line:

  • apt: System packages to be installed using apt-get install
  • cran_packages: R packages to be installed via install.packages
  • gh_packages: R packages to be installed via devtools::install_github
  • deps: R packages to be installed with all "Suggests" via devtools::install_github(dependencies = TRUE)

Edit the Dockerfile to change maintainer information and perhaps base image -- you may want to base your image on this image to save build time. Add as "automated build" to Dockerhub, add a "repository link" to the base image (rocker/drd or your custom base image) to stay up to date, and that's it!

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