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A modified version of phusion/passenger-customizable
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#A modified version of phusion/passenger-customizable

This is a modified version of

There's nothing wrong with the phusion image (it's really good!). This contains some changes that
I personally find useful.

  • Replace syslog-ng with rsyslog with tcp logging enabled
  • Remove the syslog-forwarder to docker logs, I don't use docker logs if I can help it
  • Use my own build of nodejs
  • Add an exim service (it isn't installed you can install it with apt-get -y install exim4-daemon-light
  • Sends nginx logs to syslog
  • Runs logrotate in the build so that on first run of logrotate the logs are rotated, useful for containers using volumes that are restarted
  • Generates ssh host keys even if ssh isn't running
  • Tweaks the nginx gzip and ssl configuration
  • Exposes the nginx status stub on
  • Install security updates when built
  • Configures Nginx to handle SSL using the Intermediate settings from
  • Includes a small python script to forward logs to syslog
  • Uses auto for the number of nginx workers


It's advisable if you run a HTTPS only site to add the HSTS header i.e.

# HSTS (ngx_http_headers_module is required) (15768000 seconds = 6 months)
add_header Strict-Transport-Security max-age=15768000;

HSTS on Wikipedia


Releases are tagged with a version according to
In the changelog I'll note which version of passenger-docker is the base


There is a small script in /usr/local/bin called pylogger which is a replacement for the standard logger tool
Logger has a problem where if the messages are long they're either truncated or split across multiple messages
pylogger logs regardless of the length of the message, see image/ for a usage example

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