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Scalding REPL (in Docker)

I'm sure something like this exists already, but I couldn't find it.

Goal was to make the barrier to entry really low for developers looking to get going with Scalding via the REPL.

Starting a Container

  1. docker pull ryan1234/scalding-repl
  2. docker run -it -v /home/scala-repl:/src --rm ryan1234/scalding-repl


  1. (--rm) The container will remove itself after you're done using the REPL. (Control-D to exit)
  2. (-v /home/scala-repl:/src) Mapping a local file location (/home/scala-repl) to the /src directory in the container. I like to edit files and load them in the REPL for quick testing.
  3. In the REPL, load a file with :load /src/<filename>.scala


My examples tend to need a larger Java heap than the defaults, so I plan to make the heap size tunable with ENV parameters.

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