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ARM docker-gen image based on jwilder/docker-gen.
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This image is based on jwilder/docker-gen where you can find installation, usage and configuration instructions.
The same information applies to this image when it is run on ARM hosts.

Source code and builds

The Dockerfile and sample usage is available on GitHub.
The images are built and pushed to Docker Hub from Travis CI.
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The images come with a small QEMU binary to be able to build them on the Travis x64 build agents.
If the target system is native ARM then QEMU is not involved in running nginx.

To build (or run) the container on x64 first execute this to register the QEMU binary:
docker run --rm --privileged multiarch/qemu-user-static:register --reset

Automated configuration

This image can be used together with rycus86/arm-nginx to automatically configure Nginx as containers start and stop.
For an example see the sample docker-compose.yml on GitHub.

This is based on jwilder/nginx-proxy and jwilder/docker-gen.

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