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Dorker rbenv

Prepare image which is installed muliple versions of ruby and bundler for each versions.


You can use this image for your project soon. It's uploaded, ryoh/rbenv

docker pull ryoh/rbenv

or in Dockerfile

FROM ryoh/rbenv

Run it !

docker run -i -t tcnksm/rbenv bash -l -c 'rbenv global 2.1.0; bundle ...'

Build rbenv image

Install multiple versions of ruby by rbenv. you can define ruby verion which you want to use in versions.txt.


Use Vagrant for VM running docker. Vagrant 1.4 has a Docker provisioner.
Download it here.

After installed.

vagrant up

And login to VM.

vagrant ssh

Now you can use docker in VM.

Build image

docker build -t TAG .

Dockerfile execute belows;

  1. Pull base image (this time ubuntu)
  2. Install packages which are needed to build ruby
  3. Clone rbenv
  4. Clone ruby-build
  5. Install multiple versions of ruby which are defined at versions.txt
  6. Install Bundler for each version




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