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Retrobot is a twitter-bot engine that working at mirakui_retro.

Retrobot tweets a word that you've tweeted just 1 year ago!



Rubygems command

$ git clone
$ cd retrobot
$ bundle install

Using bundler

This way may be useful for deploying using capistrano or heroku.

(This way separates repository by your deployment and application itself)

$ bundle init
$ echo 'gem "retrobot"' >> Gemfile
$ bundle install


$ bundle exec get-twitter-oauth-token
(follow shown instruction to earn required credentials)

$ unzip ~/ -d tweets
$ cp retrobot.example.yml retrobot.yml
$ vi retrobot.yml
(write your oauth credentials)


Config file is set to ./retrobot.yml from Dir.pwd in default.
You can give another file by using --config command line option.

  • consumer_key, consumer_secret: Your OAuth consumer key/secret given from Twitter.
  • access_token, access_secret: Your OAuth access key/secret of your Twitter account where you want to run retrobot.
  • tweets_csv: Path to your tweets.csv (default to ./tweets/tweets.csv in pwd)

Running retrobot

$ bin/retrobot
(or, )
$ bin/retrobot -c /path/to/retrobot.yml

or you can run it as a daemon as follows:

$ bin/retrobotctl [start|stop] -- -c /path/to/retrobot.yml


Copyright (c) 2014 Issei Naruta. Retrobot is released under the MIT License.

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