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How to use this image

Start hypo listening on port 8029, storing files in /var/lib/hypo and mounted on /hypo/:

docker run -p 8029:8000 -v "/var/lib/hypo/files/:/usr/src/hypo/files" \
    -e HYPO_PREFIX='hypo/' -d ryuslash/hypo

To check if it works:

curl http://localhost:8029/hypo/

If it works you will get an HTML document, if it doesn't you'll get an error. If you get not found, you made a typo in the URL.


There is only one option at the moment:

  • HYPO_PREFIX: The URL prefix to mount on. For example, if your website is hosted at and you want Hypo to be accessible on, set this option to hypo/.
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