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A serverspec Docker Image based on latest Alpine Image.
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an alpine based serverspec Docker image to run tests on your images/dockerfile.

note: this image can be used to run tests on your server/vm/cloud too


Serverspec is a ruby TDD (Test Driven Development) tool based on rspec.
it's been used for years to test infractructure compliancy.

Using Serverspec you can test :

  • system and/or middleware configurations
  • running services and port listening
  • strings in files
  • account creation
  • package installation

for more information about Serverspec please look at the documention page and the tutorial


Existing spec files

if your used to it, then this easiest way to use this container is to mount directory where your spec files are stored in the alpine-serverspec container:

docker run --rm -v [PATH TO YOUR SPEC FILES]:/project rzarouali/alpine-serverspec rake

first step

If it's your first time with serverspec it's ok too :)

docker run --rm -it -v [YOUR DOCKER PROJECT]:/project rzarouali/alpine-serverspec:develop sh
mkdir spec
cat <<\EOF>> spec/Dockerfile_spec.rb
require "serverspec"
require "docker"

describe "Dockerfile" do
  before(:all) do
    image = Docker::Image.build_from_dir('.')

    set :os, family: :debian
    set :backend, :docker
    set :docker_image,

  it "installs the right version of Debian" do
    expect(os_version).to include("Jessie")

  def os_version
    command("lsb_release -a").stdout

this will give you, a quick template to test your base image (Debian Jessie here).

you'll find more informations about types and how to test with serverspec in the types documentation

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