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Contains the spinbase-amd64, tagged by release and squashed
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Sabayon Spinbase: a Docker Project

Attention! It's under strong development

State: Alpha

The purpose of this project is to provide an image of Sabayon spinbase.
It is just a gentoo stage3 + entropy

Converting the image from Docker to use it with Molecules

Extracting the image with undocker

After pulling the docker image, install undocker and then as root:

docker save sabayon/spinbase-amd64-squashed:15:06 | undocker -i -o spinbase sabayon/spinbase-amd64-squashed:15.06

You now have the tree on the spinbase/ directory

If you are planning to use the resulting files as a chroot, don't forget to set a nameserver on resolv.conf file

echo "nameserver" > spinbase/etc/resolv.conf
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