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SABnzbd - the Open Source Binary Newsreader.
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This is a Docker image for SABnzbd - the Open Source Binary Newsreader written in Python.

The Docker image currently supports:

  • running SABnzbd under its own user (not root)
  • changing of the UID and GID for the SABnzbd user
  • support for OpenSSL / HTTPS encryption
  • support for RAR archives
  • support for ZIP archives
  • support for 7Zip archives (with SABnzbd version >= 0.8)
  • support for the latest par2 repair utility (improved with SABnzbd version >= 0.8)


Run via Docker CLI client

To run the SABnzbd container you can execute:

docker run --name sabnzbd -v <datadir path>:/datadir -v <media path>:/media -p 8080:8080 sabnzbd/sabnzbd

Open a browser and point it to http://my-docker-host:8080

Run via Docker Compose

You can also run the SABnzbd container by using Docker Compose.

If you've cloned the git repository you can build and run the Docker container locally (without the Docker Hub):

docker-compose up -d

If you want to use the Docker Hub image within your existing Docker Compose file you can use the following YAML snippet:

    image: "sabnzbd/sabnzbd"
    container_name: "sabnzbd"
        - "<datadir path>:/datadir"
        - "<media path>:/media"
        - "8080:8080"
    restart: always



Please mount the following volumes inside your SABnzbd container:

  • /datadir: Holds all the SABnzbd data files (e.g. config, postProcessing)
  • /media: Directory for media (downloaded files)

Configuration file

By default the SABnzbd configuration is located on /datadir/config.ini.
If you want to change this you've to set the CONFIG environment variable, for example:



By default SABnzbd runs with user ID and group ID 666.
If you want to run SABnzbd with different ID's you've to set the SABNZBD_UID and/or SABNZBD_GID environment variables, for example:


Improvements for SABnzbd version > 0.8

SABnzbd brings a lot of improvements in version 0.8 and greater. This image is built to use those improvements, which means:

  • you can use the latest par2 utility and set Extra PAR2 Parameters in your SABnzbd config switches
  • you can use 7Zip to unpack .7z archives
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