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A sample Nova project.

About This Repo

Note: this is the Readme for the sample project kickstarter. You can find the readme for the main Telescope repo here

This repo contains the started files for a sample Nova project. Files included:

  • .meteor: Meteor's own directory. Do not edit its contents, apart from packages and release.
  • .meteor/packages: A list of the Meteor packages used by the app.
  • .meteor/release: The Meteor release used by the app. Changing this might break the app, but it's easily reversable.
  • .gitignore: A list of files to be ignored by Git.
  • app.json: metadata used for Heroku deploys.
  • Dockerfile: metadata used for Docker deploys.
  • scalingo.json: metadata used for Scalingo deploys.
  • sample-settings.json: a sample settings file for your app.

Getting Started

Install Meteor:

curl | sh

Clone this repository locally:

git clone

Install the necessary NPM packages:

npm install

Then run the app with:


Creating An Admin Account

The first account you create (via Log In > Register) will automatically be given admin rights.

Deleting Dummy Content

On its first run, Nova seeds the site with a few dummy posts. You can remove them by opening the console and calling'removeGettingStartedContent') while logged in as admin.

Configuring Settings

  1. Stop your app.
  2. Copy sample-settings.json to a new settings.json file.
  3. Optionally, edit your settings.json file's contents.
  4. Run your app with meteor --settings settings.json.

If you don't edit the sample settings provided, your app will simply be loaded with dummy settings (watch out for errors caused by dummy API keys).

You can come back and change them at any time, but note that any category you remove will also need to then be deleted on the site.

Note that settings.json will be gitignored by default.

Why Is This Repo Empty?

You might notice that it appears that this repo doesn't contain any code.

This is because the entirety of Nova's codebase is contained in the set of Meteor packages included in .meteor/packages.

If you'd like to customize Nova's codebase, please refer to the main Nova Readme.


We recommend using Meteor Up X (MupX) to deploy to a Digital Ocean server, along with Compose to host your database.

Another good alternative is Galaxy, Meteor's official hosting service.

Deploy on Heroku:

Note: if you get a $ROOT_URL, if specified, must be an URL. error on deployment, double-check that you're providing the correct URL (typically

Deploy on Scalingo:


You can update your app by running meteor update. If this upgrades Meteor to a non-compatible version, simply go back to the previous version in .meteor/release.

Example Custom Package

This repo also includes an example of how to customize Nova using a custom package. To enable the custom package, simply uncomment the line # my-custom-package in .meteor/packages (remove the #).

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