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Speedtest Mini
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Speedtest-mini on Alpine

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Use this command to start the container. Speedtest will listen on port 80.

docker run --restart=unless-stopped --name=speedtest -d -p 80:80 safelinkinternet/speedtest

You can also use a different port if you want. You can keep the default built-in ports inside the container and just map them to different ports on the host, e.g.:

-p 8081:80

At that point, you can use your Docker server as a Speedtest Mini server to begin
benchmarking your network speeds, e.g.:



The Speedtest Mini application usually expire after some time so you may need to update the image even though there is no newer build on Docker Hub.

Upgrading the application inside the Docker image is easy. Just pull the image again from Docker Hub, then stop/remove the container and create it again. It will download the newer zip file while rebuilding:

docker pull safelinkinternet/speedtest
docker stop speedtest
docker rm speedtest
docker run --restart=unless-stopped --name=speedtest -d -p 80:80 safelinkinternet/speedtest
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