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[Deprecated, moved from coderstephen/php7] Docker images for nightly PHP7 builds
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Docker PHP7 Images

Note: This has been moved from coderstephen/php7 to sagebind/php7-legacy. This image is out-of-date and should only be used for legacy environments.

This repository contains configuration files for building Docker images with the latest PHP code (master branch) with various configurations and environments. Images are Ubuntu 15.04-based.

These images provide development environments for testing and running code against various versions of PHP, including development versions of PHP7. This is heavily inspired by Rasmus Lerdorf's Vagrant box; this is meant for those who prefer a lighter Docker image than a full-blown virtual machine.

Currently this image comes with a pre-configured Apache install.

Switching PHP versions

Tweaked versions of Rasmus's original build scripts are available in this Docker image; see documentation here.

Getting the latest PHP7 version

Images are rebuilt regularly at; pulling a new image will give you the latest version of PHP7. To update by hand in an existing container, you can run

$ makephp 70

which will automatically pull the latest version and compile it.

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