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Self-hosted web service to save any web article as a clean PDF
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Self-hosted web service that saves web articles to clean PDFs.


The easiest way to run Websnip is as a Docker container. A prebuilt image is available in the Docker Hub as sagebind/websnip.

Websnip uses the [Mercury] API to extract an article's unstyled content before generating a PDF, so you will need to get your own Mercury API key. Once you have one, you can run Websnip with that key by setting the MERCURY_API_KEY environment variable:

docker run -d -e MERCURY_API_KEY=<API_KEY> -p 80:80 sagebind/websnip

Once Websnip is running, it will begin accepting GET requests on port 80. The query portion of the URL is the URL of the article to convert. For example, to download the article at as a PDF, you can make a GET request like this:

curl "http://localhost:80?" > a-new-introduction-to-rust.pdf
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