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A docker repository designed for creating images with patched versions of tailon
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I needed a simple tailon what I could patch.

This is based on ipedrazas/tailon

Tailon is here:

First run a conatiner you want to capture the logs from. If your conatiner was not given a name, grab the name and pass it to the Tailon container.

You can also pass a host directory.

By default the deamon runs as nobody but you can pass another user id. Of course you can run as root by setting "--user=0" but that is a bad idea if you have a mounted host directory.
For an Ubuntu system running as a user that are part of the "adm" group.

The following command will expose /var/log on port 8084 on the local machine:

docker run -it -v /var/log:/data --user=1000 -p 8084:8080 sago007/docker_tailon

You can watch multiple volumes like this:

docker run -it -v /var/log:/data -v /etc:/data1 --user=1000 -p 8084:8080 sago007/docker_tailon /tailon/ "/data1"

This exposes both /var/log and /etc

Be warned that these commands are designed for easy testing. On production you do not want to expose /var/log and /etc like that!


This version does not contain patches.

Version numbers

Versions are on the format:

  • A is the major number for sago007/docker_tailon. This is only changed if I break backwards compability. Note that it can also be broken if Tailon breaks it!
  • X.Y.Z is the Tailon version number.
  • B is the minor update. It is increased for any smaller change or patch.

Example: is the first major version. It is build on Tailon 0.5.1 and it is patched compared to

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