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Sago007's OpenArena server. The config is easily changed. Works out of the box for quick testing.
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OpenArena server - docker image

This is a docker image with an OpenArena server. This image utilizing OpenArena 0.8.8's features. This can be both good and bad.

This image is good if:

  • You want to host an OpenArena 0.8.8 server
  • You want an image that works out of the box
  • You want an image that is easy to configure.

This image is not good if:

  • You want to host a server with a mod not based of OpenArena 0.8.8

To run do something like:

docker run -it -e "OA_STARTMAP=dm4ish" -e "OA_PORT=27960" --rm -p 27960:27960/udp -v openarena_data:/data sago007/openarena

Be warned that all three port numbers must be changed if you want to run on another port and have the game appear in the server list.

To change the config you can start a bash instance with:

docker run -it --rm -v openarena_data:/data --user 1000 sago007/openarena bash

And then do:

nano /data/openarena/baseoa/server_config_sample.cfg

On server start the following files will be created in "/data/openarena/baseoa" if they do not exist:


You can edit them to suit your need... or keep them

Environment variables

There are 3 variables that can be set:

  • OA_STARTMAP - The the first map that the server loads (default oasago2)
  • OA_PORT - The port that the game listens on (default 27960)
  • OA_ROTATE_LOGS - Should the log be rotated? (default 1 = true)

Log rotation

If the environment OA_ROTATE_LOGS is set to "1" (witch is the default value) then "games.log" will be rotated up to once a day if the size exceeds ~50 MB. The logs will only be rotated on startup/restart. Old logs will be stored in the format "games.log.YYYY-MM-DD.gz" (this is the reason that we can only store once a day).

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