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FROM debian:8 MAINTAINER #For development purposes it may be preferable to download the file and COPY it into the container #COPY /staging/ COPY /staging/ #Default files to be copied to /data/openarena/baseoa if not exits COPY server_config_sample.cfg /default_files/ COPY /staging/ RUN /staging/ COPY /opt/ COPY /opt/ #All persistant data is stored under /data. Both config and logs VOLUME ["/data"] #OpenArena needs this one port. EXPOSE 27960/udp #This is environments you can give to Docker. #OA_STARTMAP sets the first map to load. This is required because the server does not start until a map is loaded. ENV OA_STARTMAP oasago2 ENV OA_PORT 27960 ENV OA_ROTATE_LOGS 1 USER openarena #This is the default start path CMD /opt/ #Can be started like this: #docker run -it -e "OA_STARTMAP=dm4ish" -e "OA_PORT=27960" --rm -p 27960:27960/udp -v openarena_data:/data sago007/openarena #Be warned that the port number must be changed in all three places for the server to appear in the serverlist (2016-05-02). I have not examinated if this is a bug or design flaw in ioquake3 or Docker but the server port is not reported correctly to the master server. #To change the config you can start a bash shell, install vim (or other editor) and edit the config: #Start with: docker run -it --rm -v openarena_data:/data --user 0 sago007/openarena bash #And then execute: #apt-get install -y vim #vim /data/openarena/baseoa/server_config_sample.cfg
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