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Docker files for auth0/limitd, a simple daemon for rate limiting.

How to Use

docker run -d --name limitd saidimu/limitd-docker:latest

This will run limitd in the background, using the example limitd.yml.

To see the container logs docker logs limitd:

{"name":"limitd","hostname":"3f05b557147a","pid":7,"level":20,"address":"","family":"IPv4","port":9001,"msg":"server started","time":"2015-03-25T15:08:51.271Z","v":0}

Data will be persisted within the container. If you delete the container the data disappears as well.

How to persist data outside the container

The Dockerfile mounts a volume on /data that can be used from a different data container.

  1. Create a data-only container:

    docker run -d -v /data --name limitd_data saidimu/limitd-docker:latest true
  2. Use the volume from limitd_data in the limitd container:

    docker run -d --volumes-from limitd_data --name limitd saidimu/limitd-docker:latest
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