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Alpine based container with service user (app) and mountable volume (/data/kinesalite) + Kinesalite
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Small docker container (Alpine based) with service user (app) and mountable volume (/data/kinesalite) using Kinesalite - by @mhart

Build Instruction

$ docker build -t saikocat/kinesalite:1.11.5 .

Run Instruction

$ docker pull saikocat/kinesalite:1.11.5
$ docker run -d \
    -p 4567:4567 \
    --name kinesalite \
    saikocat/kinesalite-docker:1.11.4 --port 4567

Runtime Configuration

More runtime flags can be found at Kinesalite

Persistent volume

-v host/kinesalite:/data/kinesalite and --path /data/kinesalite
if you want persistency

Hints for a smoother start if using aws-cli

Create a separate profile with fake information

$ aws configure --profile kinesalite
AWS Access Key ID [None]: kinesalite
AWS Secret Access Key [None]: kinesalite
Default region name [None]: kinesalite
Default output format [None]: json

Always specify the endpoint url override

$ aws --profile kinesalite kinesis create-stream --stream-name raw-good --shard-count 1 --endpoint-url http://localhost:4567
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