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Test app for Confluence4DevOpsDockerDemo

This is a quick app cobbled together for the purposes of demonstrating a basic CI/CD workflow with Docker Hub on using Amazon Cloud.
All the Open Source Tools used. Hence the cost is Zero.

Instructions for use

  1. Prepare all Code Files.
  2. Move code files from Local to GitHub (using GitBash or DesktopGit).
  3. Initializing a Git repo and making a remote of it on GitHub.
  4. Need to have account on - GitHUb, CircleCI, Docker Hub, Tutum and AWS.
  5. Trigger Token = 630fc55c-ff9f-4428-9bf0-07013850342f
  6. Trigger URL =
  7. Curl Site = curl -H "Content-Type: application/json" --data '{"build":true}' -X POST
  8. Redirect URL -
  9. OpsGenie API Key: ad4c1c06-655c-4503-92f3-0c0163cb0529
  10. OpsGenie URL:
Docker Pull Command