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Short Description
Factorio Headless Server
Full Description

Factorio Server in Docker

How to use?

docker run -d --net=host salzig/factorio

Configuration / Variables

  • FACTORIO_NAME - Server Name (String)
  • FACTORIO_DESCRIPTION - Server Description (String)
  • FACTORIO_MAX_PLAYER - Maximum Number of players (Number)
  • FACTORIO_VISIBILITY_PUBLIC - Publicly Visible Server (Boolean)
  • FACTORIO_VISIBILITY_LAN - Lan Visible Server (Boolean)
  • FACTORIO_USERNAME - Factorio Login Name to use for the server (String)
  • FACTORIO_PASSWORD - Factorio Login Password to use for the Server (String)
  • FACTORIO_TOKEN - Factorio Login Token to use instead of Login and Password (String)
  • FACTORIO_GAME_PASSWORD - Game Password a user needs to join the game (String)
  • FACTORIO_REQUIRE_USER_VERIFICATION - Should user accounts be verified using (String)
  • FACTORIO_IGNORE_PLAYER_LIMIT_FOR_RETURING_PLAYERS - Should returing players always be allowed to join the server? (Boolean)
  • FACTORIO_ALLOW_COMMANDS - Allow Ingame Commands (Boolean)
  • FACTORIO_AUTOSAVE_INTERVAL - Auto Save Interval in minutes (Number)
  • FACTORIO_AUTOSAVE_SLOTS - Auto Save Slots (Number)
  • FACTORIO_AFK_AUTOKICK_INTERVAL - Time after AFK user should be kicked (Number)
  • FACTORIO_AUTO_PAUSE - Pause Game when last player leaves (Boolean)
  • FACTORIO_ONLY_ADMINS_CAN_PAUSE_THE_GAME - Allow only admins to pause the game (Boolean)
  • FACTORIO_AUTOSAVE_ONLY_ON_SERVER - Store autosaves only on server side (Boolean)
  • FACTORIO_ADMINS - List of Factorio Admins (String)

Advanced usage

Setting the Server Name

docker run -d \
  -p 34197:34917/upd \
  -e FACTORIO_NAME='Running in Docker' \
  --restart always \

Docker-Compose File

version: "2"
    image: salzig/factorio
    restart: always
      - '/var/factorio/saves:/opt/factorio/saves'
      - '34197:34197/udp'
      - FACTORIO_NAME: My Awesome Factorio Server Running Inside Docker
      - FACTORIO_ADMINS: "MyUserName"
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