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Social Help Forum Redirector
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Docker Setup

You can run this on docker! First download our container:

docker pull samdroid/shfr

Make a data directory (you can call it whatever):

mkdir shfr_data

Make and edit a forums.json:

nano forums.json

Then run it:

docker run -d -P -v /data:shfr_data samdroid/shfr "$(cat forums.json)"

Note: the "$(cat forums.json)" will be different in non-bash shells. Use (cat forums.json) in fish (I think).

How To Setup

First, open the forums.json file. In there, change the url to the public url of your forum instance (eg: Then change the forums mapping to fit your needs. It is in the format of bundle id to forum name.

Pro Tip: SHFR will automatically reload in response to a change in the forums.json file.

Then run the software. If you are on an x64 Linux box, just run:


Otherwise you will need to install go and run before you can run the previous command:

go build

If go build has error messages relating to dependencies, try running before trying again:

go get dependency


GET /goto/ID

Redirect to the forum for ID. If ID is not in this forum, it will be logged and sent to the error page.

GET /records

Get a json map in the format of bundle ID to number of times requested and not found.

PATCH /records

Save the current json map to the disk (useful before server restarts)

GET /info

Get some useful info about this server, eg:

  "forums": {
    "org.laptop.AbiWordActivity": "write", 
    "org.laptop.Chat": "chat", 
    "org.laptop.Oficina": "paint", 
    "org.laptop.Pippy": "pippy", 
    "org.laptop.Terminal": "terminal", 
    "org.laptop.WebActivity": "browse", 
    "org.laptop.physics": "physics", 
    "org.sugarlabs.MusicKeyboard": "music-keyboard", 
    "org.tuxpaint": "tuxpaint", 
    "vu.lux.olpc.Speak": "speak"
  "url": ""
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