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microservices with sinatra
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This is a simple microservices example that uses Ruby + Sinatra to provide a simple Products Service. Docker support is included for running locally or deploying to services such as Cloud66

Note: This isn't production-ready code. The service assumes no Mongo username/password, doesn't force SSL, or enforce security best practices. This is for demonstration and learning purposes only.

Running locally

Install the required Rubygems:

bundle install

Set an environment variable to point to the location of your MongoDB instance (e.g. for localhost, or the specific IP/hostname if not localhost)


Run Sinatra:

ruby products_service.rb

Running locally using Docker

Use docker-compose to build the service and mongodb containers (takes a few minutes the first time):

docker-compose build

Then start the the containers:

docker-compose up

Deploying to Cloud 66

Cloud 66 is a Manager Containers as a Service that supports deploying Docker containers onto one or more servers using a bring-your-own-cloud approach.

Read the Cloud 66 blog post for details on deploying this project to your preferred cloud provider.

Interacting with the Products Service

Use Postman or cURL to directly interact with the API.

Get a list of products (empty by default):

curl -X GET

Add a new product:

curl -X POST -F "name=My Product"

Docker Pull Command