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A simple light switch API for my Particle (Spark) Photon.
Full Description

Photon Lightswitch

This is a simple API that uses my current location to determine whether or not
a lightswitch should be turned on or off.

I offload the logic to this API to keep the script running on the photon as simple
as possible.


To install the Firmware, you'll need to load it into your Particle Build IDE, and then flash it to your
Particle Photon. Be sure to update the comments marked as TODO with your connection details.

To install the web service, you'll need to install and configure Docker and Docker Compose. Once that's done, copy
the .env.example file to .env and fill in the values (the latitude, longitude, timezone and Forecast.IO API key).
Save that file in the same directory as the .env.example file.

When you're ready to get the web service up and running, just run docker-compose build to build the container, and
then docker-compose up -d to run the service as a daemon. To view the logs, you can use docker-compose logs.

Once the firmware and web service are working, the two should automatically attempt to establish a connection.

Alarm Feature

If you're going to use the alarm feature, it is very important that you set the TZ (timezone)
environment variable correctly. If you do not set this, the alarm will go off at a different
time than you're expecting!


Possible ideas I have for expansion:

  • [x] Send a ping to the websocket connection every 10 seconds to verify that the connection is still alive.
  • [x] Check cloud conditions in the area (turn the lights on when it's cloudy or
  • [ ] Check to see if my phone is connected to the same wireless network as the lights
    (on device, turns the lights out when my phone is not in the area).
  • [x] Update the application to use WebSockets using this repository.
  • [x] Create an Amazon Echo app to support turning the lights on and off by speaking to the Echo.
  • [x] Create an alarm feature that toggles the lights when I'm supposed to wake up in the morning.

Device Codes

  • Y: Lights on (submissive)
  • N: Lights off (submissive)
  • F: Lights on (forceful)
  • O: Lights off (forceful)
  • P: Ping (should be sent every 10 seconds from the server)

Device Firmware

I have added the firmware to this repository (firmware.ino). The firmware was written
for a Particle Photon with the following configuration:

  • Pin 3 is connected to a button, with the ground going to ground (it's a pullup resistor).
  • Pin 5 is connected to a solid state relay, which controls the lights. The positive
    end of the solid state relay goes into this data port, with the ground going to the
    ground connection on the photon.
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