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Simple cross compiler for ARMv7 and ARMv8 architectures, based on Linaro gcc 4.9
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While working on neural networks and especially trying to run them on small / embedded hardware, it appeared that I would need to compile a lot of things for multiple hardware targets. As Docker Hub doesn't do cross compilation, and I could not find any build farm with a proper cross compilation story (if you know one please let me know, I hate to reinvent the wheel), I decided to make a small cross compilation container.

This is very much WIP for now as I am discovering cross compilation and have limited experience in that field. Goal is to automate this a lot in the future, potentially to hook it to a CIaaS (best) or a Jenkins (only if I have to) environment.


The dockerfile installs 3 toolchains in /opt: aarch64, arm and armhf.

When run with a target architecture, it will symlink the binaries to their targets on the file system, making it very easy to run a compilation process inside a volume shared with the container.

Next steps

I very much like this work and will tend towards being as easy as it is, but I am not yet familiar enough with cross compilation to adopt it.

How to use this?

Downloading the container

The easy way, if you don't want to make that yourself and have access to Docker Hub

docker pull samnco/cc4arm:latest

Building the image

git clone 
cd docker-cc4arm
docker build -t <user>/<image-name>:latest .

Running the container

docker run -it -e ARCH=<target arch> -e HOST=<target host> -v </path/to/source/folder>:/build --name cc4arm samnco/cc4arm:latest bash

ARCH can be aarch64, arm and armhf
HOST must be picked accordingly and can be aarch64-linux-gnu, arm-linux-gnueabi or arm-linux-gnueabihf

This will give you a command line, from which you can browse to the build folder, where you'll find your sources

root@1f253de9bdf6:/# cd build/
root@1f253de9bdf6:/# make ARCH=${ARCH} CROSS_COMPILE=${HOST}- <other options> 
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