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docker backup to google storage
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Restore and backup docker container volumes to google cloud storage.

Inspired by dockup.

Usage examples

Backup a local directory foo to a google storage bucket every hour.

docker run -ti \
  -v $(pwd)/foo:/foo \
  slakah/dockup-gs \
  gs://backup-bucket/test/ /foo \
  --backup-name test \
  --no-restore \
  --gc-key '<service account json>'

Restore and then periodically back up a mysql container to google storage everyday at 02:30, using docker-compose.

  image: slakah/dockup-gs
    - mysql
  command: >
    /etc/mysql /var/lib/mysql
    --backup-name mysql
    --cron-time '30 2 * * *'
    --gc-key '{

Command arguments

usage: dockup-gs [-h] [--backup-name BACKUP_NAME] [--gc-key GC_KEY]
                 [--cron-time CRON_TIME] [--no-restore]
                 backup path [path ...]

Restore a backup, and then backup periodically.

positional arguments:
  backup                the google storage backup url
  path                  the path to be restored and backed up

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --backup-name BACKUP_NAME
                        the the suffix to use for the backup file
  --gc-key GC_KEY       the google cloud service key (json)
  --cron-time CRON_TIME
                        the cron time to backup to
  --no-restore          don't restore from backup
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